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Our Approach

Hasbro has a long and proud tradition of giving back to communities. Through philanthropic programs we work to bring ‘the sparkle of Hope, the joy of Play and the Power of service’ into the lives of sick, disadvantaged and disempowered children around the world.

We do this by:

  • Partnering with nonprofits around the world
  • Providing financial and product donations
  • Encouraging employee volunteering

For more information see our 2010 Philanthropy Report. $23.7 total philanthropic support (financial contributions and product donations); 10,529 hours spent volunteering by employees; 112 temporary homes built in Haiti with Hasbro support to shelter homeless children; $5M: commitment by Hasbro Children’s Fund to launch a global youth service movement, GenerationOn; 1.6 million needy children benefiting from our toys and games donations

1. The value given to 2010 total philanthropic support represents both product and cash donations. Total product data represents the total estimated retail value of all toys and games donated in 2010. Total cash donations represent the combined total of company sponsorships and cash grants made in 2010. The company’s grant making is done through the Hasbro Children Fund, including all matching gift grants.