Ethical Sourcing

About Our Supply Chain

There are currently three tiers of manufacturing factories around the world; Hasbro owned and operated, third-party vendors and factories, and licensee factories.

Hasbro-Owned and -Operated Factories

We have two owned and operated factories, and they are located in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and Waterford, Ireland. These sites, part of our top-tier supply chain, have dedicated human resources teams and environmental, health and safety experts who implement Hasbro’s Code of Conduct and Global Business Ethics Principles. The workforce at these locations has regular training on our ethics and safety standards.

Third-Party Factories

We maintain close partnerships with our third-party vendors and factories, the majority of which are located in China, and require that they adhere to our Global Business Ethics Principles. In addition, third-party factories located in ICTI CARE jurisdictions must comply with its program. In 2013, we identified additional factories outside China where we expect to begin production during 2014. A list of Hasbro's third-party vendors and factories is available here.

Licensee Factories

In addition to producing our own products, Hasbro out-licenses use of our brands to licensee partners around the globe. They manufacture Hasbro branded products, like apparel, footwear, home goods, health and beauty products, food, and printed items including coloring books. While we do not directly select licensee factories or have a direct business relationship with them, we require licensee factories to meet Hasbro’s Global Business Ethics Principles.

Hasbro uses a proprietary, standardized online Licensing Approval System (LAS) to evaluate and process approvals for factories and the licensed products they produce. This system incorporates product quality testing and social compliance requirements. Licensees also receive information on Hasbro’s ethical sourcing policies and procedures through this online system.

Licensees are contractually obligated to submit preproduction audits for factories in countries considered to be at medium and high risk of ethical violations and annual audits thereafter for Hasbro's review. To identify risk, we utilize third-party research that takes into consideration United Nation Human Development Index data points, corruption data, labor rights, and economic and political freedom data, as well as audit history. The latest risk assessment, conducted in 2012, guides our approach to factory monitoring and permitted source countries.