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CSR at Hasbro

Our Approach

As a world-class, branded play company our primary purpose is simple: to bring play to life for children and families around the world through our beloved brands. Our responsibilities, though, extend much further than the design studio or factory gate.

Hasbro’s deep commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflects our desire to play a part in building a safe and sustainable world for future generations. We embrace the responsibilities and opportunities that come with entertaining millions of children and families and employing thousands of people. The shared value and appreciation of CSR among our teams and our customers drives our efforts in the field.

Our innovative approach to product design and brand creation begins and ends with safety. Hasbro’s product safety measures have been widely recognized within our industry and beyond as best practice.

On important environmental issues like shrinking our carbon footprint, using fewer materials in our packaging, and reducing waste, we push ourselves not only to improve our own performance, but also to raise the bar for others, including our suppliers.

In supporting our employees and partnering with suppliers to deliver quality products to our customers, we hold ourselves to high standards of ethics and integrity. Collaboration and inclusivity are central to how we work. We believe the best solutions are those that draw on diverse ideas and perspectives.

We aim to enrich the lives and communities we touch. Hasbro has a long philanthropic history of helping children learn, grow and thrive. Every year, we support charitable programs through grants, donations and service. These help children and their families receive much-needed healthcare, education and other vital services.

CSR Strategy


We focus our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives on three key areas: product safety, manufacturing ethics, and environmental sustainability. These are core commitments that we think about and renew every day in the choices we make.

Our CSR priorities were reaffirmed in 2010, and ratified by our Board of Directors, following an industry benchmarking and internal inventory assessment.

1. Product Safety

Product safety is the cornerstone of Hasbro’s business. We recognize that children are both our most valuable and our most vulnerable consumers. We take this responsibility very seriously, and safety underpins every step in our products’ evolution - from concept to design and through manufacturing. Hasbro is a recognized leader in product safety, viewed not only as an industry expert but also as a constructive and collaborative company by global regulators and lawmakers.

2. Manufacturing Ethics

We have a deep-rooted commitment to treating our employees humanely and with dignity and respect. We promote the same virtues for factory personnel at our third party and licensee factories. The Hasbro Code of Conduct, Hasbro Global Business Ethics Principles and International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) Code of Business Practices guide our ethical processes in both our owned and non-owned manufacturing facilities.

3. Environmental Sustainability

We recognize the impact our business has on the environment, and we understand that, as a global company, we have a part to play in protecting our planet’s natural resources. We are committed to shrinking the global environmental footprint of every aspect of our business, from operations to product development. For example we aim to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1 and 2) in Hasbro-owned and operated facilities by 10% from 2008 levels by 2012.

Looking Ahead

Marketing to children is a sensitive and continuously evolving area for our industry. Hasbro is committed to promoting products to our young audience in a responsible manner, and we have rigorous controls in place to ensure that the content of all products, online activities, and television programming is appropriate and safe. We will continue to stay abreast of changes and global developments in this area. For more information, see Content and Responsibility.

Hasbro is committed to continuous improvement in corporate social responsibility. We are guided by our CSR priorities and our CSR corporate policy framework. For more information, see Governance and Ethics.

This is our first formal CSR report. While we are proud of our progress so far, we recognize corporate responsibility is a journey, and many opportunities lie ahead. Moving forward, our aim is to integrate CSR thinking and practices more deeply throughout the company, in a way that supports business growth. We also seek to further our commitment to transparency and open communication with stakeholders.

“Hasbro is an innovative toy supplier who has always demonstrated a deep commitment to product quality and safety, as well as an awareness of the growing importance of sustainability in our world. While sustainability opportunities will certainly continue to evolve for our suppliers, Hasbro is well poised to meet those challenges.”

1923: year Hasbro was founded by the Hassenfeld brothers; 1,500+ Hasbro brands; $3B worldwide box office for Hasbro's last four theatrical motion pictures; 123 countries in which our brands are sold