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Our Employees

Engaging Our Employees

Satisfaction Surveys

In 2010, we participated in Fortune magazine’s Great Places to Work Survey and were ranked 59th out the top 100 U.S. companies. Our employee response rate was around 43 percent.

The results suggested that employees were generally very positive about Hasbro and viewed it as a ‘great place to work’. This attitude was driven mainly by:

  • Support for Hasbro’s vision and strategy for the company
  • Pride in our mission, philanthropy, environmental concern and ethics
  • Confidence in the executive leadership
  • Passion for their work
  • Camaraderie and care for colleagues
  • Benefits and perks.

Digging more deeply, in 2010, managers at our owned and operated U.S. factory undertook an employee satisfaction survey, followed by focus groups designed to gain greater insight into the data. While engagement levels were consistent with national survey rates, the site has set a 2011 target of reaching an Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) of 46 percent - double the 2010 result.

Our owned and operated Ireland factory conducts bi-annual plant-wide employee surveys. Following the most recent survey, the site will be introducing a formal ESI goal.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are an important tool for us to learn what concerns and motivates our employees, especially with regard to changes in their working conditions or benefits. For example, before making major changes to U.S. benefits programs, we held nine focus groups with nearly 100 participants. These provided significant data to make educated decisions about changes to Hasbro’s U.S. retirement and medical benefits in 2010, as well as offering valuable insight into employee morale.