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Governance and Ethics

Our Approach

For many decades, an ethical outlook and commitment to good governance has supported Hasbro’s growth and evolution into the trusted and successful global branded play company it is today. Taking a principled approach is good for business, igniting our creativity and connecting us to our customers and employees.

Fostering an ethical culture is a core company value that requires daily effort. We work to embed this culture in our offices and facilities around the world through a comprehensive code of conduct and a rigorous ethics and compliance program. We also strive to comply with the highest legal and ethical standards.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board of Directors set the tone from the top for good corporate governance practices and upholding our ethical culture in support of creating long-term shareholder value.

While we are proud of this history, we are now seeking to more actively engage the outside world in our corporate responsibility efforts. In 2010, we took a close look at how we could better report on and engage with external stakeholders on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability issues. One outcome was the establishment of a formal CSR practice directed by the CEO and headed by the Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Government Affairs. Another was the decision to publish this comprehensive online report.

Read more about our stakeholder engagement efforts here.