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Our Products

Our Approach

Our innovative, high quality products are at the heart of Hasbro’s success. We have a responsibility to provide safety as well as enjoyment to the millions of children and families around the world who use our products. This responsibility is growing as we expand our business beyond traditional toys and games, and across multiple platforms, including television, motion pictures, video games and licensing.

Our three CSR priorities - product safety, manufacturing ethics, and environmental sustainability - directly relate to our products and how they are made.

Product Safety: We recognize the trust that parents and caregivers place in us when children experience our brands, and we honor that confidence by creating quality, safe products. Quality and safety are fully integrated into Hasbro products from design through sale, via our five-step quality assurance process. We have a strong record on product safety, on which we continually look to build.

Manufacturing Ethics: We work diligently to ensure that our owned and operated factories, third party factories, and licensee factories pursue fair and safe labor conditions. We have rigorous programs in place to comply with all human rights laws and regulations in countries where we operate, and we expect the same of our suppliers.

Environmental Sustainability: We are aware of the impacts our products and packaging have on the environment throughout their life cycle, from design and development to use and disposal. We work hard, and creatively, to minimize impacts wherever possible.