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Our Products

Manufacturing Ethics

About Our Supply Chain

An increasingly global company, Hasbro has three tiers of manufacturing facilities around the world:

Hasbro owned and operated factories

We own and operate two factories - one in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts in the U.S. and another in Waterford, Ireland. These factories mainly produce our board games and puzzles.

Both sites have dedicated human resources teams and health and safety experts whose job is to implement Hasbro's Code of Conduct and Global Business Ethics Principles. We regularly monitor compliance with these standards.

Both the management teams and workforces at our sites are trained in our ethics principles and safety standards. We also offer secure channels for workers to report instances of non-compliance through our ethics hotline and human resources teams.

Third party vendors and factories

We have close partnerships with our third party vendors and factories and regularly communicate with them about ethical manufacturing issues. In total, 115 third party factories are involved in the manufacture of Hasbro finished products around the world. The majority of our products are made in 46 factories located in China.

To help maintain safe and fair working conditions, we require all factories to adhere to Hasbro’s Business Ethics Principles, and, in locations where the ICTI CARE program operates, to meet requirements of the ICTI CARE program.

Licensee factories

The majority of licensed items bearing a Hasbro brand are not toys. They include apparel, footwear, home goods, health and beauty products, food, publishing and more. Licensee factories are located in 74 countries around the world. We do not select, or place orders with, these factories, nor do we have a direct business relationship with them. Regardless, we require that our licensees in medium or high risk locations participate in pre-production audits and subsequent annual audits to verify that their operations satisfy our Global Business Ethics Principles.

We utilize our Licensing Approval System to evaluate compliance and improvement in working conditions at licensee factories. Additionally, we encourage licensees to participate in monitoring and improvement programs for working conditions in their industry.