Our Approach

As our business prospers and more people around the world embrace Hasbro toys, games, and entertainment experiences, we share our success by giving back to communities. We focus our philanthropic giving, product donations, and employee volunteering on activities that provide hope and empower children and young people around the world. These activities build upon our strengths as a company, and reflect our belief that Hasbro can make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children.

We group our philanthropic activities into three pillars, which align with our business goals and the priorities of our key stakeholders:

  • Hope: Giving hope to children who need it most
  • Play: Bringing the joy of play to children who otherwise would not have this experience
  • Service: Empowering youth through service

For more information about our philanthropy, volunteerism, and impact, visit our 2015 CSR Report Update..

We set ambitious annual goals to drive our efforts. In 2015, we met or exceeded every one.

Charting Our Progress and Path Forward

Impact 3 million children through our charitable programs.

Exceeded – made a difference for more than 3.4 million children worldwide.

Stem children’s loss of academic skills and knowledge over summer vacation in our Rhode Island location.

Ongoing – impressive gains have been made by the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative (HSLI).

  • Rhode Island: students at participating sites improved by an average of 30 percent in both literacy and math.
Engage 85 percent of employees in volunteer service.

Achieved - 89 percent participation in 2015.

Engage Hasbro offices across the globe in supporting local causes related to children.

Achieved – engaged Hasbro sites across 40 countries and supported 200 local causes and organizations throughout the year.

Build a global youth service movement that reaches 500,000 youth through partnership with generationOn.

Exceeded – at the end of 2013, generationOn reached more than 750,000 youth worldwide.

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