CSR at Hasbro

About This Website and Reporting

This website is complemented by Hasbro’s 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Update and other prior CSR reports. The content covers performance at our owned and operated facilities (offices and distribution centers) in fiscal year 2015, ended December 27, 2015, as in our Form 10-K, unless stated otherwise. In the future, we plan to publish a CSR report bi-annually.

Material Issues

The CSR issues most material to Hasbro’s business performance are discussed in Our Priorities. We identified these through engagement with stakeholders, including consumers and industry organizations, and by benchmarking our activities and responsibilities against other companies within and outside of our industry. In addition, we evaluated these CSR issues based on potential risk to our business and future regulatory developments. We manage these material issues across all our company-owned operations, and, as noted, outside the organization in partnership with third-party manufacturers, industry peers, and consumers.

Global Reporting Initiative

We remain committed to reporting in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) at the Core “in accordance” level. Our last comprehensive report with GRI Index, our 2013 report, can be found online. We plan to publish a comprehensive 2016 GRI report in 2017. To meet the needs of our stakeholders, Hasbro also releases, as needed, interim performance updates. The latest update, released in 2016, can be found online. All of our data has been reviewed and verified internally. We have not pursued external assurance of our CSR report at this time.


To find out more about CSR at Hasbro or to provide feedback on our reporting, please contact us at: csr@hasbro.com.

For all consumer and product inquiries, please contact Hasbro’s Consumer Cares team.
For all philanthropy inquiries, please visit the Community Relations website.