Employee Volunteering

We encourage all our employees to get involved in Team Hasbro, our volunteer program. Our goal is to increase our volunteer activity each year, offering employees a variety of ways to engage in our philanthropic efforts.

2015 Volunteer Summary
Employee volunteer hours
Percentage of employees who volunteered

Every December, our Global Day of Joy empowers all of Hasbro’s employees worldwide to engage in 200 community service projects, which impacted 90,000 children in 2015.

Our Approach

Team Hasbro is managed from our corporate headquarters in Rhode Island and supported by dedicated Ambassadors, who help to coordinate and manage volunteer projects across our U.S. and international offices. We focus on building a global volunteer program that engages employees by using their talents and skills to benefit the children we serve.

Each country office manages its own volunteer program under Team Hasbro’s guidelines. We offer employees four hours of paid time off per month to volunteer with children. Our Dollars for Doers program magnifies the impact of our employees’ volunteer efforts by providing matching grants up to $2,500 to nonprofits where employees serve on the organization’s Board of Directors or up to $250 to nonprofits where employees have volunteered at least 48 hours during the calendar year.

Three signature employee volunteer programs – Game Day, Operation Playspace, and Playful Painters – apply Hasbro’s skills and resources to maximize our positive impact on children in need. 

  • Game Day - individuals or employee teams volunteer by donating and playing Hasbro games with hospitalized or underprivileged children.
  • Playful Painters - employees use their creative talents by designing murals for children’s organizations.
  • Operation Playspace – volunteer teams make a difference for local child-focused nonprofits by recreating spaces as safe, imaginative Hasbro-themed play areas.


Team Hasbro also engages our extensive network of summer interns in volunteer projects that foster teambuilding. We recognize community service is important to the next generation of young professionals and integrate volunteerism into new employees’ orientation programs.