Caring for children and contributing to the communities where we work and play is important to us. We use our assets – financial resources, products, employee talent and time, and our beloved brands – to invest in diverse, long-term programs in the cities and towns around the world where we operate. We measure progress by the impact of our philanthropic, volunteer, and community partnership activities.

2015 Giving: By the Numbers
in financial contributions
worth of products donated (approximate retail value)
children reached

Hasbro’s philanthropic strategy and programs are managed by our Global Philanthropy and Social Impact group, working with liaisons in our global locations that execute programs on the ground.

Our Global Philanthropy and Social Impact group also oversees our global product donations, our grant making through the Hasbro Children’s Fund, sponsorships, cause marketing, and our Team Hasbro employee volunteer program. Local liaisons coordinate employee events and projects in each country, and each Hasbro office engages with local nonprofits under our global giving guidelines.