Our Employees

Training and Development

For our employees to work as one team, they need strong and fair leadership. From our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) down, we foster a responsible, inclusive, and ethical approach to management. Through tailored classroom and online courses, our managers worldwide deepen the skills and behaviors we expect of them. Leadership programs include a Management Academy and Situational Leadership.

To develop our highest potential future leaders, Hasbro offers two global development programs in which our most senior management acts as teachers and mentors.

  • Hasbro Inspiring Leadership Program – Our foundational leadership program that teaches what leadership looks like. The program focuses on effective practices and behaviors employed by authentic leaders through a combination of classroom-based learning modules and experience-based activities. Participants create a Development Action Plan and receive feedback. Afterwards, participants work on a “Brand You” video that demonstrates how they have put this leadership theory into practice.
  • High Performance Leadership – Our leadership development course that immerses high-potential candidates in a challenging global market. Participants develop a brand strategy that they implement at their local office and present to the CEO and senior management team. Leaders have participated in countries including Bulgaria, China, Turkey, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.


“It’s an honor to be a part of a program committed to not only maximizing my long-term career potential at Hasbro, but also to improving the development of Hasbro leaders in the long-term.”

-Hasbro Employee