Our Employees

Engaging Our Employees

Open communication at every level of Hasbro promotes greater employee satisfaction and more effective management. We believe that success requires a culture where information is shared quickly and effectively, feedback is honestly given, and employees feel confident to talk freely with colleagues and managers.

Our focus on two-way communication starts right from the top. For example, monthly “Lunches with Leadership” give employees around the world similar opportunities to discuss all aspects of the business with Hasbro’s most senior executives. Departmental meetings are held regularly, and senior managers meet with their teams quarterly to provide updates about our business and discuss departmental achievements and goals. 

Our long-term objective for employee engagement is to improve communication and global connections across the organization, and to promote employees’ understanding of our corporate strategy and how they contribute to it.

“I feel connected to Hasbro’s mission and goals and I appreciate the time that Senior Management spends sharing information with me at the global town halls and State of the Company Meetings.”

-Hasbro Employee

Listening and Learning

We use focus groups as an important tool for us to learn what concerns and motivates our employees, especially about changes in their working conditions or benefits. For example, focus group feedback helped us develop the Hasbro Employee Network and our Alternative Work Guidelines. Other listening mechanisms include Employee Roundtables, “Lunch and Learns” and an open-door communications policy.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

As a company dedicated to enriching play time and bringing families closer together through our products, Hasbro appreciates the importance of helping our employees maintain a good work/life balance. We offer competitive paid time off policies including, in the United States, up to three weeks of vacation annually, beginning in the first calendar year after an employee is hired, an additional week off between Christmas and New Year, and a shorter working day on Fridays in many locations. We also provide paid parental leave in all U.S. and European locations for parents taking care of a newborn or newly adopted child. Our European employees receive at least four weeks of vacation per year, with most countries offering between 22 and 28 days.

We also offer a variety of flexible work arrangements, subject to managers’ discretion. Our Alternative Work Guidelines are designed to support flexibility while providing clear expectations for managers and employees. Individual arrangements may include flexible start and finish times, changes or reductions in work hours, and working remotely. The guidelines help provide flexibility for unforeseen events, such as bad weather or a sick family member, but also for more formal arrangement to meet individuals’ needs and help promote better work-life balance.