Our Employees

Supporting Diversity
and Inclusion

The Hasbro Employee Network comprises numerous employee-driven teams totaling more than 800 members. These groups are designed to give employees a voice, create opportunities for individuals to network and develop additional leadership skills, aid recruitment and retention, and track trends and cultural themes important to our employees. Each team has an executive sponsor and develops its own charter. Teams meet monthly and participate in Team Hasbro volunteer activities, as well as promoting business relevance. While the Employee Network groups are primarily U.S.-focused, we intend to develop templates for global expansion. The Hasbro Green Team already has groups in Colombia and Hong Kong.

HEART (Hasbro’s Equality Awareness Resource Team), established in 2013, is the company’s first LGBTQ network. In its first year, HEART formed partnerships with Youth Pride Inc. (YPI) and the LGBTQ College Resource Group to develop community outreach activities, as well as securing Hasbro as a corporate sponsor for Rhode Island Pride. The HEART network’s focus is on creating an inclusive and respectful environment for LGBTQ employees, promoting internal networking and community outreach, and driving business value.

Our other Employee Networks include: Career Moms, Celebrations Team, Diversity Team, Green Team, HasBook (a book club), Men’s Group, Military Families, Music Matters, New Employee Network, Parents Resource Group, Quarter Century Club, Tater Talks (a public speaking forum), the Wellness Team, and the Women’s Leadership Network.

Promoting Business Relevance

Employees from our core diversity and inclusion groups – the Diversity Team, HEART and the Women’s Leadership Team – are key contributors to the development of our diversity and inclusion goals and key performance indicators. Activities organized by these networks also contribute to our culture of inclusivity, both within Hasbro and through outreach partnerships and community events. For example, in 2015 Hasbro sponsored the Kids’ Zone at the Rhode Island PrideFest and brought joy to children and their families.