Our Employees

Training and Development

Few industries are as fast moving as the toy and entertainment sectors. Our continued success depends on a motivated and high-performing workforce with the right skills for today and for the future. We believe in rewarding loyalty and promoting talent from within. Hasbro also provides regular, in-depth performance evaluation to support growth opportunities at every level.

Improving Performance, Fulfilling Potential

Hasbro invites every employee to “build his or her own brand” and to continually develop personally and professionally. “BuildmyBrand” is a personal development framework used to help employees have open conversations about performance and development and establish individual goals or plans. It has a joint focus on the present and the future, and encourages users to consider what they can do to develop themselves, learn more and potentially grow their opportunities at Hasbro. 

Based on feedback from managers and employees, we also reinvented our formal approach to performance management in 2012, introducing “myPerformance.” This dialogue-based approach includes quarterly quality conversations between employees and their managers focused on evaluating progress against goals, setting new goals, providing feedback and coaching, and identifying strengths and opportunities for further learning and development.

The aim of this approach is to shift from traditional performance management language toward a more contemporary and positive conversation that employees want to join.

Employees need practical, skills-based support to fulfill their potential, and we provide this through a learning culture of:

  • Experience on the job
  • Coaching, mentoring, and feedback from managers, peers, and networks
  • Formal learning and training experiences