CSR at Hasbro

Our Approach

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at Hasbro is powered by our belief that every day is a chance to be better. Joy, creativity, and problem solving – the things we love most about play – inspire us to make a positive and enduring difference in the world. Thinking and acting responsibly guides us toward smarter ways of doing business. It unlocks new opportunities to improve how we design, create, manufacture, and market our iconic brands.

Our deep commitment to CSR reflects our desire to help build a safer, more sustainable world for future generations. Product safety is one of our highest priorities, and we’re taking ambitious steps to reduce our environmental footprint. We also have a long and proud tradition of encouraging our suppliers to operate responsibly and adopt best practices, respecting human rights, and empowering children through our global giving programs.

Our Priorities

As part of Hasbro’s CSR strategic planning process, we evaluate our business model and operations for opportunities to improve – spanning product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing, diversity, responsible marketing, ethical conduct, caring for our employees, and supporting local communities. While we remain committed to each of these important CSR priorities, we put our strongest focus on product safety, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing – the three areas that are most material to our business and our stakeholders. Acting on these CSR priorities inspires employee creativity and innovation and connects us to consumers. They are a critical part of Hasbro’s approach to doing business.

Product Safety

Our toys, games, and other products are enjoyed and treasured by children and families around the world, frequently as an integral part of family play experiences and memories.

The safety of our products is vital to our consumers, fundamental to our business, and taken into account in every step of our value chain. Our reputation and business success hinge on the safety and quality of our products. Hasbro’s strong safety efforts have received recognition, and we continue to collaborate with organizations within and outside our industry on best practice. Governments and policymakers value our expertise and seek our insight on product safety. We are actively involved with national and international regulatory bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), that work to enhance and align existing and new toy safety standards.

Our commitment to children’s safety is evident across our portfolio; Hasbro had zero consumer product safety recalls in 2015. We believe harmonization of global safety standards would be easier for the toy industry to navigate than the current patchwork of standards across countries, regions, and U.S. states, and we work with regulators, industry, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) toward this end.

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Environmental Sustainability

As a global company, we understand that our operations have an impact on the environment, and we strive to do our part to help build a sustainable world. We are committed to protecting natural resources and shrinking the environmental footprint of every aspect of our business, from operations and product development to manufacturing and packaging.

As part of our efforts to address climate change – a major global challenge –  we are proud of our longstanding tradition of reducing our global greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. In 2015, we affirmed our commitment to climate change and advanced our renewable energy efforts across our global operations in support of a low carbon economy. Through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs), Hasbro addressed 100 percent of the company’s U.S. electricity use in 2015 while supporting the development of renewable U.S. wind power. Additionally, Hasbro purchased carbon offsets to address 100 percent of our global onsite fuel use, non-U.S. electricity use, and employee business travel in 2015.

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Ethical Sourcing

Treating our global employees fairly – with dignity and respect – is a core Hasbro value and an indispensable part of our long-term success. We promote the same value for factory personnel at our third-party and licensee factories. Hasbro’s Global Business Ethics Principles and social compliance partner practices guide our ethical sourcing program for third-party manufacturing facilities.

In 2016 and beyond, we will continue to expand and diversify our third-party factory base beyond our current focus in China. To meet our commitments to ethical sourcing in these new regions, we will leverage our experiences and ethical sourcing practices and process and focus on industry collaboration, supplier monitoring, and partnerships.

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Our efforts to address these priorities stem from the way we see the world. We push ourselves to think differently and come up with smarter ways of doing business. By focusing innovation and investment in these areas, we can build a better business – where play meets purpose, and inspiration unlocks possibilities.