Our Employees

Our Approach

For over 90 years, Hasbro has been making lives better through our products, and we strive to create a similarly positive experience for our 5,000 employees around the world. Their creativity and enthusiasm are vital to our success. Throughout our global operations, we seek to attract and retain diverse and talented employees who are as imaginative, creative, and curious as the children who play with our toys.

We want our employees to be highly engaged and motivated. To achieve this, we provide wide-ranging opportunities for learning and development through Hasbro University’s online and classroom training programs. We foster a culture of open, two-way communications, where senior managers communicate frequently about company strategy and our progress. We compensate and reward our employees competitively, invest in their well-being and health, and maintain the highest safety standards in our offices and facilities worldwide.

Our performance review process is aligned with our business goals and includes quarterly conversations between managers and their employees. Managers are expected to conduct regular one to one sessions with their staff and to ensure all employees have annual objectives. In support of this we conduct staff surveys in many locations, offer a frequently used 360 degree performance review tool, provide mentors for promising individuals, and offer both internal and external coaching sessions. In 2013, we introduced two key initiatives – “BuildmyBrand” and “myPerformance” – to improve and personalize our development and performance review processes.

Awards and Recognition

Celebrating success helps to engage and motivate our employees and keeps us striving to achieve more as a company.

Employees’ achievements around the world are regularly acknowledged through the company’s intranet and e-bulletin, Hasbro Daily News.

We also have several awards programs to celebrate individual and team achievements. These include “Way to Go,” which recognizes employees globally who go above and beyond expectations through their actions at work.