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At Hasbro, we’re passionate about protecting our planet and conserving its natural resources for future generations. We recognize the impact our business can have on the environment—and are working hard to reduce our footprint. We also embrace sustainability challenges as opportunities to innovate and continuously improve our product design and the way we operate—and we are inspired by the possibilities.

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At Hasbro, we are committed to making the world a better place for future generations, which includes taking important action to reduce our footprint across our entire supply and value chain


We challenge ourselves every day to find new ways to embed sustainability throughout our business. We evaluate every element of our company, from product and packaging design to manufacturing, logistics and operations.

One key initiative helping to drive this work forward is joining the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and aligning with the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement: to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on human society and nature. To reach net-zero global emissions and limit global warming to 1.5°C, Hasbro is in the process of setting near-term (2030) and long-term (2050) Science-Based Targets (SBTs) that will be validated by the SBTi. This ambitious agenda is part of the SBTi’s new Net-Zero Standard, the world’s first science-based standard for setting a companies’ net-zero targets. For more information, see our press release.

Sustainability Center of Excellence

Through Hasbro’s Sustainability Center of Excellence, we aim to drive our strategic environmental blueprint across our global organization with a focus on uniting our facilities and teams around the world to advance our environmental commitments.

Our center is designed to work across three core areas: Design for the Environment, Sustainable Supply Chain & Production and Facilities & Culture.

Our Environmental & Climate Blueprint


We believe in constantly improving our products to make them more sustainable for our consumers and the planet by continuously innovating how we make our products and packaging, with the circular economy in mind.


Sustainable Materials Innovation

We continually research new and existing materials to improve the sustainability of our products, while also ensuring their safety and durability. In evaluating materials to reduce their environmental impact, we collaborate with our vendors to find available materials that are cost-effective and meet the highest standards possible.

Sustainable Packaging

We design our packaging with the circular economy in mind and consider a package’s entire lifecycle—from efficient and recyclable packaging design to sourcing materials that come from renewable or recycled sources. Some highlights of our journey include eliminating wire ties from packaging, adding How2Recycle® labeling to help educate consumers about recycling Hasbro toy and game packaging, and using at least 90% recycled or sustainably sourced paper in our packaging and in-box content. In 2018, we began using plant-based plastic for packaging elements and we are currently on track to eliminate virtually all single-use plastic from new product packaging by the end of 2022.

Sustainable Packaging Principles

We are guided by a set of sustainable packaging principles and policies that continue to challenge our creative and engineering capabilities as we strive to create a more sustainable future for our business and our world.

Number 1

Source With Intent

Responsibly source packaging materials and maximize renewable and/or recycled content.

Number 2

Design for Efficiency

Design product packaging to avoid using unnecessary material.

Number 3

Design for Distribution

Optimize shipping packaging design and materials to reduce environmental impact.

Number 4

Design for Use & End of Life

Design for reuse or recovery of packaging materials.

Sustainable Product

We challenge ourselves every day to find new ways to embed sustainability throughout our business. We continue to investigate new materials and innovations that help us meet this challenge as we strive to provide children, fans and consumers around the world with engaging and sustainable ways to play. Hasbro accelerated its sustainable product journey with the launch of  Potato Head Goes Green and Monopoly Go Green in 2020. Building on the learnings from these products, in 2021 we announced our goal to make the iconic Potato Head toy line from plant-based or renewable materials. As the next step in our overall journey, we plan to transition all toys and games to recycled or renewable materials by 2033.

End of Life/Circular Economy

Hasbro is committed to supporting a circular economy and helping consumers responsibly dispose of packaging and their well-loved toys and games – recovering these materials and giving them another life. In 2018, Hasbro was the first toy company to launch a US-nationwide toy recycling program in which people can send their Hasbro toys and games to TerraCycle® to be recycled into materials used in play spaces, park benches, or products such as flower pots. We have since expanded the program to 12 additional countries, and plan to continue expanding our global reach.

Reforestation and Ecological Restoration

At Hasbro, we’re passionate about protecting our planet and conserving its natural resources for future generations. In 2021, Hasbro teamed up with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation, to plant 100,000 trees. The trees were planted in four key regions across the globe including Brazil, the United States, India and Ireland, together helping global reforestation efforts.

Planting trees provides many ecological benefits including improving air quality by absorbing and locking up harmful greenhouse gases, protecting and improving soil, preventing floods and improving water quality, and providing shelter and diet to wildlife. Each of these benefits brings us one step closer to a healthier planet.

Fun fact!

One Tree Planted also engages Hasbro employees through our Team Hasbro employee volunteer program, planting trees in Rhode Island where our global headquarters is located.


Since 2016, Hasbro has utilized the How2Recycle® Label Program to educate consumers in the U.S. and Canada on packaging recyclability by providing recycling instructions on packaging.


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