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We're deeply committed to conducting our business responsibly, communicating openly and acting with integrity. Our high ethical standards keep our company accountable to stakeholders and aligned with our core business values in everything we do.

Strong governance and ethics are a proud part of our heritage, and we constantly push ourselves to be even better. Our board of directors and our chairman and CEO set the tone for our ethical culture. We measure our success not only by our results, but also by how we achieve those results. Beyond complying with laws and regulations, we enforce a strong Code of Conduct and implement best practices to govern our operations. We also continuously refine our ethics and compliance policies, processes and employee trainings.

We measure success not only by our results, but by how we achieve those results.

Ethics in Action

Ethical behavior is second nature at Hasbro. Our culture of honesty and integrity starts at the top and permeates the organization. Our robust ethics and compliance program is tailored to meet our business needs and has the full support of our chairman and CEO and the senior management team.

Our Code of Conduct

The foundation of our ethics policy is the Hasbro Code of Conduct, which all board members, employees, agents, contractors, and officers must follow. Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure we do business ethically and legally.
  • Empower employees to follow our policies and raise concerns.
  • Allow employees to report ethical issues without retaliation.

We update the Code as needed to reflect new laws, regulations and Company expectations. Our Code is provided regularly to all employees, translated into 18 of our most common languages and the English version is publicly available online.

Upon hire and annually thereafter, employees are required to:

  • Certify that they have read and understand Hasbro’s Code of Conduct
  • Complete compliance trainings on the Code of Conduct, mutual respect, anti-harassment, anti-bribery & corruption and antitrust & fair competition
  • Complete Conflicts of Interest disclosure forms.

Reporting Concerns

As part of our commitment to conducting our business with integrity, we encourage employees to raise potential ethical concerns. To encourage full and frank disclosure, we operate a global ethics helpline and two confidential mailboxes, administered by the board Audit Committee and office of the chief legal officer. Employees use these to report ethics concerns anonymously and without fear of retaliation.

Stakeholders, including investors, employees and consumers, can provide feedback to the board by writing to:


Independent Lead Director, Hasbro, Inc.

P.O. Box 497

Pawtucket, RI 02862

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