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Corporate governance and ethics are foundational to our culture, business and creation of long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Guiding Principles

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the primary set of principles that all Hasbro employees, directors and Executive leadership must follow. The Code addresses the behaviors and standards of professional conduct and provides guidance and policy on areas including conflicts of interest, anti-corruption, IP protection, financial integrity, legal compliance, insider trading and proper public disclosure. The Code is reviewed on an annual basis by our Legal Compliance team. Compliance with the Code is mandatory, and violation of the Code can result in a range of sanctions, including dismissal.

Corporate Governance Principles

Our Corporate Governance Principles guide governance at the Board level. These principles include topics like selection and composition of the Board, qualifications for members, director leadership/responsibilities, committees, self-assessments, access to management and independent advisors, and compensation.

Board Oversight

Our Board of Directors is comprised of experienced business leaders and executives with backgrounds relevant to Hasbro’s multi-faceted business. The Board is responsible for providing strategic direction, approving policies, and advising our Executive team. There are five standing committees in the Board of Directors: Audit Compensation Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Finance and Capital Allocation Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility For more information about Hasbro’s Board of Directors and our Committees, please visit our Proxy statements.


Corruption Prevention

We have a zero-tolerance standard for corruption, regardless of local norms or customs. We regularly monitor for corruption prevention through anti-corruption and anti-trust audits. Additionally, we provide centralized trainings and tools so employees can easily reference our policies and procedures. In cases where employees or third parties have concerns, they can anonymously report them via three channels: a tollfree hotline, email, and traditional mail. These channels are monitored and reviewed by our Legal team. In addition, allegations can also be reported directly to management or to our Legal and Human Resources teams. When necessary, follow-up investigations are conducted by experienced personnel from our Legal, Human Resources and Internal Audit teams.

Global Partnerships

We take a risk-based approach to prevent dishonest or fraudulent conduct with our global partners. As an example, we evaluate the Corruption Perceptions Index published by Transparency International and perform additional due diligence for partners who work in higher risk jurisdictions. Additionally, our Ethical Sourcing team works with licensees and factory partners to share and uphold our standards. In some cases, we work with and/or train partners to help them understand Hasbro’s expectations of ethics and compliance, especially as it relates to our anti-corruption standards.

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