Governance and Ethics

Engaging Stakeholders

Hasbro is an open and transparent company, and we want to hear from all our stakeholders. Listening and collaboration are vital to our business success and our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

We engage often with many stakeholders both inside and outside our company, based on their expertise and relevance to issues of material importance to our business. We use their feedback to improve our business and inform our evolving CSR agenda.

The CSR team engages both proactively and reactively with stakeholders, from investors to shareholders, retailers, government officials, and NGOs.

Below is a snapshot of how we communicate with our key stakeholders and highlights of our engagements. As well as the channels described below, all internal and external stakeholders can contact us via

“My interactions with Hasbro’s executive team and investor relations staff reinforce the high standards set out for the organization. Hasbro shares have been my “top pick” in the children’s products industry, because your commitment to responsible business practices enhances the solid financial position and shareholder mindedness of the larger company.”

- Stephanie Wissink, Senior Research Analyst, Piper Jaffray

Our Key Stakeholders

Investors and Analysts

Our Investor Relations department regularly informs, updates, and engages our investors and analysts on Hasbro’s financial and operational performance. Other engagement channels include press releases, SEC filings, conference calls, our Investor Relations website, one-on-one meetings, and calls and special events such as Investor Day at the annual Toy Industry Association (TIA) Toy Fair in New York City.

For more on how we engage investors, see our Investor Relations website.

Regulators and Policymakers

Our Global Government Affairs group interacts with regulators and policymakers around the globe, through company outreach or industry association activities and in public policy forums.


Our leadership on CSR is important to existing and potential Hasbro employees. Employee Network Groups and volunteering in the community are among the many ways Hasbro engages and inspires employees. To raise concerns, employees can use our confidential hotline and mailboxes, or write directly to a Board member.

Read more on employee engagement.


We communicate regularly with our third-party and licensed manufacturing vendors around the world and their workers.

Read more on our CSR work with suppliers.


We value consumer feedback and use the comments they submit via email, our toll-free phone line, online chat, social media, and written correspondence to measure satisfaction with our products. Our Global FunLabs also engage children and families in trying out Hasbro products in development. Consumers and the public can contact Hasbro’s Consumer Cares Department here.

Learn more about how we get feedback and inspiration from consumers.

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with NGOs on issues of public concern including product safety, ethical sourcing, and environmental impacts. Our Global Government Affairs, CSR, and Quality Assurance teams serve as points of contact.

Read more here.