Governance and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct

Hasbro’s Code of Conduct, in place since 1991, is the cornerstone of our ethics program and applies to all employees worldwide as well as our Board of Directors. Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure we do business ethically and legally
  • Empower employees to follow our policies and raise concerns
  • Allow employees to report ethical issues without retaliation

We update the Code whenever needed due to new laws or regulations in areas ranging from bribery to marketing. In recent years we also revised how we define discrimination in line with corporate best practice.

You can read our Code of Conduct in full here.

Preventing Corruption

We do not tolerate corruption in any location where we operate. Our Code of Conduct includes clear anti-corruption rules, and we reinforce compliance through related training and vigilance. Violations are reported through our helpline and mailbox (see below), and investigations conducted by legal, human resources, and/or internal audit. To help employees navigate this potentially difficult area, we provide online training and intranet information, including a gift and entertainment tool that pre-approves certain activities.

Ethics Training

All employees receive comprehensive training on our Code of Conduct when they first join Hasbro. Every four years, we retrain 100 percent of employees in the Code’s provisions and did so in 2015.

In addition, all Hasbro managers complete at least one ethics training course a year, tailored to their role, as well as periodic online training in our Code. Classes cover a wide range of topics such as anti-trust, anti-corruption, and fostering mutual respect on teams. We also provide specialized ethics training for relevant employees addressing likely risk factors in their location. Across Hasbro, managers reinforce the importance of legal compliance and strong ethics continually in regular workplace forums such as sales meetings. 

Reporting Concerns

As part of our commitment to continuously improve, we want to hear about any concerns our employees have. To encourage full and frank disclosure, we operate a global ethics helpline and two confidential mailboxes, administered by the Board Audit Committee and office of the Chief Legal Officer. Employees use these to report ethics concerns anonymously and without fear of retaliation.

The General Counsel’s office investigates all ethics inquiries and our managers are required to report any ethical issues that arise in their jurisdictions to the Legal Department. Breaching our Code of Conduct can lead to disciplinary measures, including termination of employment.