Political Activity and Lobbying Policy

Hasbro believes that it is our responsibility as a corporate citizen to engage constructively on global public policy issues that may have a direct impact on our business. All engagement is led by Hasbro’s Global Government Affairs Department and signed off by senior management, as necessary.

Government and NGO Engagement

Global Government officials, policymakers, regulators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community groups often have an interest in what we do as a company around the globe.

All corporate interaction with any of these groups should be evaluated by Hasbro’s Global Government Affairs Department prior to engagement. Hasbro meetings with government officials regarding Hasbro business must be approved by the Government Affairs and Compliance Departments and logged in the Annual Meeting Log.

Political activity

All individuals have the right to voluntarily participate in the political process including making personal political contributions; however, Hasbro employees need to make it clear that their personal views and actions are not those of Hasbro, Inc.

Hasbro employees should contact the Government Affairs Department for approval before engaging in any lobbying or discussions with government officials on behalf of Hasbro.

  • Since personal political activities can sometimes create a conflict with Hasbro, employees should talk to the Government Affairs Department and the Legal Department if they or a close relative are planning to accept or seek a public office, or if any other political activity might have an impact on Hasbro or on their job.
  • In accordance with our values and all applicable laws, Hasbro exercises its right and responsibility to make its position known on relevant issues, including engaging with global policymakers and regulators on policy issues.

Political Contributions

While Hasbro does not have a U.S. Political Action Committee (PAC) nor does the company make corporate contributions to political causes, Hasbro is committed to disclosing our political expenditures as required by US Federal law. However, all employees are free to make personal donations to candidates for political office. The U.S. Toy Industry Association does have a PAC, to which Hasbro executives may personally contribute. However, it is important to note that Hasbro’s membership dues to the Association are not used to fund the PAC.

Any philanthropic activities undertaken through Hasbro’s Charitable Trusts that could result in government collaboration or engagement are not considered corporate contributions to political causes and are not covered by this Policy.

This policy is approved by Hasbro Senior Management and the Board of Directors.

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