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Responsible Marketing and Content

Responsible Marketing
and Content

We embrace our responsibility to create engaging products, entertainment and play experiences and market them responsibly. It’s an important part of how we uphold our commitments to children and their families.

We market our brands to all of our audiences in a responsible and appropriate way, with special attention paid to the way we advertise and market to children. We put controls in place to ensure our product and entertainment content is appropriate and safe, and we work with our licensees to maintain the same high standards.

In addition to the physical toys and games we create, Hasbro creates content for television programming, motion pictures, mobile apps, online games and other digital products. We are diligent in offering appropriate content that respects children’s and adults’ privacy in these expanding channels.

Marketing to Children

At Hasbro, when it comes to marketing to children we follow the principle of “compliance by design.” Meaning, during the creative process of developing marketing materials, we use our knowledge and understanding of applicable rules and standards around advertising and marketing to children and their families to ensure compliance.

We look at our marketing content through a caregiver’s and child’s eyes to ensure it is appropriate and depicts an accurate engagement and play experience with Hasbro toys and games.

Online and Digital Media

We set high standards for our websites, which are enjoyed by adults and children around the world to engage with their favorite characters and brands. For our kid-targeted websites in the U.S., we provide family-friendly content that complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which sets rules for collecting information from children under 13. We also comply with applicable rules and regulations for our websites in other regions around the world. And we use best practices, as recommended by our advertising agencies, to ensure that ads for Hasbro products are placed only on appropriate third-party sites.

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Digital Gaming and Mobile Apps

We work with our digital gaming licensees to ensure Hasbro-branded digital games are suitable for a wide audience as reflected by appropriate Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings. We have established internal quality guidelines for our mobile and online games, whether developed by Hasbro or our licensees. Also, we have put advertising and social media marketing guidelines in place for all our online and digital experiences.

Films and Television Programming

Los Angeles-based Hasbro Studios and Hasbro Animations produces high-quality live action and animated entertainment content that is also socially responsible. Films and television shows based on our popular brands—such as TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, STRETCH ARMSTRONG and LITTLEST PET SHOP—entertain children and honor the values our brands embody. All entertainment content, from initial concept through delivery, is reviewed with our production, creative and development teams to ensure it conforms to the highest industry standards and best practices.

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Teaching Kids About Advertising

As a responsible advertiser, Hasbro supports media literacy programs to educate children on the intention and tools of advertising such as “Media Smart,” an industry-funded program to educate young people in Europe, from Kindergarten age to teenagers, on media literacy skills using real advertising examples as a teaching vehicle. The program is run through local Media Smart initiatives and each implementation reflects the local educational system and cultural differences. Teachers and educators get teaching resources, which are reviewed by independent experts, for free. Media Smart in Europe was started in the UK, with Hasbro being one of the founders of this initiative. Currently, Media Smart is available in 10 countries across Europe, including the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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Data Privacy and Security

Respecting consumers’ privacy is a top priority for Hasbro. To maintain consumer trust and confidence, we have developed internal processes to track applicable privacy laws, and we regularly evaluate and update our internal processes and policies to meet new regulations. In the U.S., we also work closely with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the respected independent privacy certification organization, as well as our agencies, developers, and other third-party service providers to help ensure compliance across our products and content.

We strive to take a “privacy by design” approach, which means we collect information only from end users of our websites and mobile apps that we believe is reasonably necessary to fulfill consumer requests, deliver the intended product experience to consumers, or otherwise meet our legitimate business objectives. We develop privacy practices for our U.S. websites, mobile apps, and other online services that are designed to comply with all applicable privacy laws, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We disclose these practices in our privacy policies, which are located on our websites and mobile apps.

Engaging Consumers at Hasbro

We strive to engage with the millions of children and families who buy and play with our toys and games, visit our websites and watch our television programs and motion pictures. We respond to concerns about our products and suggestions on how we can improve them. Through our global online communities, we learn about issues that matter to families and how we can help. This valuable dialogue helps us stay abreast of changes in consumer attitudes and preferences.

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