Responsible Marketing

Engaging Consumers

Making products that consumers cherish is a two-way process. We make every effort to engage the millions of children and families who buy our toys and games, visit our websites, and watch our television programs and motion pictures. We respond to concerns about our products and suggestions about how we can improve them. Through our global online communities, we gain insights on issues that matter to families and how we can help. This valuable dialogue helps us to stay abreast of changes and global developments in consumer attitudes and preference.

Hasbro is committed to promoting products to our young audience in a responsible manner. We have controls in place to ensure that the content of all products, online activities, and television programming is appropriate and safe. For more information, see Product Safety and Responsible Marketing.

Giving Feedback

Consumers can reach and engage us via the following channels:

Our Consumer Care team and regional offices around the world respond to inquiries and provide information on Hasbro products. Consumer Care also records and tracks consumer concerns, passing this feedback to appropriate Hasbro corporate teams.

Consumers can also make comments on our products via email, phone, online chat, social media, and written correspondence. We use these insights in internal monthly consumer feedback reports and year-end reports.

When consumers raise potential safety concerns, we follow procedures and protocols developed by our Quality Assurance, Legal, and Consumer Care teams. Trained Consumer Care specialists respond to consumer inquiries where any kind of product safety concern is expressed. As needed, Consumer Care specialists will escalate inquiries to our Quality Assurance and Product Safety teams for their review and follow-up.

Global FunLabs: The Science of Play

Every year, thousands of children have fun in our Global FunLabs from the United States to the United Kingdom to China. Our designers, marketers, and engineers watch in an observation room as children and their families react to products in development. Understanding how children use early prototypes provides our design and development teams with invaluable insights that improve final designs. For example, Hasbro launched a successful line of NERF Toys for girls – NERF Rebelle – following two years of exploratory Funlab research and hands-on play with the developing product.


Online Consumer Community

Hasbro uses global online communities to gain valuable insights on issues that matter to families and children such as child development and parenting topics. The feedback we receive from the parents and children who take part helps guide the direction of product development across our toy, gaming, entertainment, licensing, and digital businesses.

Our online communities include families from the United States, representative counties in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Hasbro communities facilitate an ongoing opportunity to talk to and hear from moms, dads, and kids. This continuous conversation provides an invaluable understanding of our consumer and helps to guide consumer-centric decisions across Hasbro’s brand blueprint.