Responsible Marketing

Promoting Online Privacy

Our Privacy Approach

We value our consumers’ trust and work hard to keep that trust by taking steps aimed at protecting the privacy of those children and families who use our websites, mobile apps and other online services. 

Our privacy practices for our U.S. websites and mobile apps are driven by compliance with all applicable privacy laws, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). In addition to our own privacy compliance practices, we disclose our privacy practices through the privacy policies on our websites and mobile apps and voluntarily certify our U.S. websites and mobile apps as “COPPA-compliant” through the FTC-approved COPPA safe-harbor certification provider we’ve engaged (the “provider”).

The provider issues annual compliance certifications for as well as our other websites and mobile apps. This process involves the provider’s review of Hasbro’s privacy processes for each website and mobile app, followed by Hasbro’s remediation of any identified concerns.

Data Gathering from Consumers and Children

Respecting our consumers’ online privacy is a priority for Hasbro. In support of that priority, we take a privacy by design approach in which we aim to collect only information from end users of our websites and mobile apps that we believe to be reasonably necessary to fulfill consumers’ requests or our legitimate business objectives. We also disclose how we collect, use, and share the information provided by or collected from end users of our online services through the privacy policies on our websites and mobile apps.

We take care to design our child-directed online experiences with COPPA in mind by, for example, limiting the amount of information we collect.

Privacy Challenges

Hasbro strives to respond responsibly to the continually evolving relationship between online and digital entertainment, end user privacy, and advertising.

International regulations governing how companies collect and use information change frequently, and staying on top of updating our marketing practices in response can be challenging. The trend toward global marketing and promotions also raises a number of privacy and data security challenges, especially with respect to the transfer of personal information across country borders.

Hasbro recognizes that privacy and data security are of great importance and interest to consumers and regulators. We are committed to respecting the privacy and security of our end users’ information and working to make our online and digital entertainment policies and practices evolve with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.