Product Safety

Our Approach

Hasbro’s consumers trust us to make toys and games that not only bring joy to their children and families, but are also of the highest quality. We embrace our responsibility to provide a safe environment for entertaining millions of consumers around the world.

At Hasbro, quality and safety are closely aligned. We incorporate safety into product design, reinforced by a strict testing protocol. “Total Quality,” our quality assurance and safety mantra, guides our path–from design to engineering through manufacturing and incorporating feedback from consumers and retailers. This sterling quality assurance process results in strong safety outcomes.

Our products are compliant with all applicable global legal and regulatory standards, and we employ industry best practices to continually improve our design and manufacturing processes wherever feasible. These high standards and processes apply to all third-party factories that make our products around the world.


Different countries, regions, and U.S. states have different regulations and standards for toys and games. Some ban certain chemicals while others allow them and product testing requirements vary across borders. This global proliferation of toy safety laws and regulations prevents alignment among standards addressing materials of concern such as lead, phthalates, and chemicals. Hasbro works with regulators and industry and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to promote harmonization of global safety standards. We believe standardizing the rules in this way would be good for consumers, regulators, and industry.

Another challenge is the increasingly complex requirements for reporting chemicals in products in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. Reporting certain chemicals requires us to develop very sophisticated testing methods that break down the entire DNA of plastics, metals, and other product ingredients.