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Be a Green Superhero with Hasbro


Be a Green Superhero with Hasbro

At Hasbro, we believe every day is a chance to do better and create a more sustainable planet. From reducing waste to saving water, we can all be the superheroes the world needs. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. Remember, we’re all in this together—go team!

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Hit the Lights
Take heroic steps to cut your energy use at home. Remember to always turn off your lights when leaving a room. Using energy efficient appliances can also create powerful savings for your wallet and the planet!
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Get Crafty with Packaging
A little ingenious thinking can give packaging a new life. Can you think of creative ways to use boxes or containers at home or in your office? That small box could make a great holder for your pencils and pens! Even if you can't find a way to reuse packaging, check the recycling guidelines in your area—you may still be able to save it from the landfill.
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Take a Tote
Reusable shopping bags help keep waste out of the landfill. Many stores sell reusable bags, and some even give you a discount for bringing your own bag! Plus, you can use your bag for all kinds of other trips—like picnicking in the park or carrying library books.
Make a Tree-mendous Difference
Trees are the lungs of the earth. They produce oxygen for all of us to breathe— including wildlife. Did you know some trees can live over a thousand years? Find a local tree-planting program in your neighborhood and help a good cause. Because every tree makes a difference!
Save in H2Oooo So Many Ways
Water is a precious natural resource that we all depend on. Try limiting your showers to five minutes—it uses a lot less than a full bath!* And to get even more water-efficient, consider installing a low-flow shower head. With less water to heat, you’ll also use less energy. Double savings!
Playdoh - PotatoHead
Give Your Car a Break
Leave your car behind: Ride a bicycle, walk or take public transportation instead for short trips. You’ll spend less on fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and get healthier!
My Little Pony
Try a Little Pick-Me-Up
Every little bit counts. Next time you head to the beach or the park, see if you can do a little cleanup. Pick up litter and take it to the trash or recycling. Remember to pack gloves so you’re always ready to go!
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