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At Hasbro, we welcome your input and believe in being open and transparent about our global operations and business activities. Below are some commonly asked questions and responses to issues that have been brought to our attention. If you have any questions that are not addressed below or in our recent CSR Report, please contact us at

General FAQs

How can I be sure that Hasbro's products are safe?

Hasbro is proud of its deep and long-standing commitment to product safety. All of our products meet or exceed not only applicable federal and international standards but also our additional, internal standards. To ensure compliance with our high standards, Hasbro requires tests and quality control checks at multiple stages of the manufacturing process. These procedures, which have been in place for years, have always included – and continue to include – independent, third-party testing of our products.

Over the past several years, we have not issued any safety recalls of Hasbro products due to lack of compliance with our manufacturing processes or safety standards. Furthermore, we are proud that during the toy industry crisis of 2007 when millions of toys had to be recalled around the world because they contained lead paint and hazardous magnets, none of Hasbro's products were affected, and consumers could purchase them with confidence. As a safety conscious company, Hasbro has processes and systems in place to ensure that, once products reach consumers' hands, their use and potential safety concerns are being carefully monitored. In the event that Hasbro determines that a recall or other corrective action is necessary to protect consumers, we take prompt action. In these circumstances, Hasbro has established comprehensive systems to advise consumers, retailers, and applicable authorities across the globe.

How does Hasbro ensure its products do not include lead paint?

Hasbro has a comprehensive, global quality assurance program designed to prevent lead paint and other quality and safety issues. We believe this is why Hasbro was not one of the companies that had to recall products during the toy industry crisis of 2007 when millions of toys had to be recalled around the world due to lead paint. Hasbro was proud that all of its products were not only compliant but also safe and consumers could purchase them with confidence. Our programs in this area include: paint testing processes (for paint prior to its application to Hasbro products), safety and quality control checks at multiple stages of the manufacturing process, and independent, third-party testing of products imported from Asia.

Do Hasbro products contain PVC or phthalates?

PVC is a widely used durable material that can be found in everyday products, from plumbing pipes, drinking water supply lines, and medical devices (e.g. blood bags, catheters, dialysis equipment, examination gloves, etc.) to vinyl siding and vinyl flooring for homes, car interiors, upholstery, shower curtains and clothing.

With respect to the use of PVC and phthalates in toys and childcare items, Hasbro has carefully considered the science, together with the toy industry and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission through its Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel (CHAP), and the European Union Commission's Chemicals Bureau Agency; based on these comprehensive government studies, we firmly believe that toys and childcare articles made from PVC and softened with phthalates pose no health risk to children. Nevertheless, all Hasbro toys and childcare items comply with all applicable global laws and regulations, including phthalates restrictions set forth in the European Union Phthalates Directive and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA).

How does Hasbro ensure social compliance in its supply chain?

Hasbro takes its responsibility to ensure human rights are being upheld in our supply chain very seriously. We are committed to addressing worker rights issues proactively through our ethical sourcing program, including oversight audits, and examining any allegations immediately, putting corrective action plans in place when necessary. This is a continuous journey and requires collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders.

In October 2016, Hasbro reaffirmed our commitment to corporate responsibility and became the first global play and entertainment company to join the Responsible Business Alliance (formerly known as EICC), a nonprofit group of leading companies working together to improve efficiency and social, ethical and environmental sustainability in the global supply chain. The RBA is globally recognized as a leader in supply chain sustainability, which includes human rights, as well as conflict minerals, environmental sustainability, and many other existing and emerging issues. Its members include leaders from the electronics, retail and automotive sectors.

Do you ever encounter problems in third party factories that manufacture your products?

A recurring problem the toy industry faces in Asia is inaccurate record keeping at the factory-level, making the verification of proper wages and working hours difficult. In addition, due to the detailed nature of industry and company health and safety requirements, it is not uncommon for factories to require improvement in this area. When instances of non-compliance are found, Hasbro works with factories to address the issues and prevent further non-compliance. Once again, however, if a supplier demonstrates an inability to address shortfalls and meet our standards, we terminate our relationship with that factory.

Responses to Stakeholder Reports and Inquiries

December 12, 2018: Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch Report: A Nightmare for Workers: Appalling Conditions in Toy Factories Persist (dated December 6, 2018)

Ethical Sourcing is a top priority at Hasbro. We are dedicated to ensuring every worker in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect and is working in safe, fair, and legal working conditions. Hasbro has a rigorous ethical sourcing monitoring program, which includes unannounced audits at each of our third-party suppliers. We have reviewed the China Labor Watch report and can confirm that Hasbro products are manufactured at two of the facilities mentioned, Jetta and Herald. The allegations in the report are not substantiated by Hasbro’s extensive monitoring and audits conducted throughout 2018, and both suppliers are in good standing with Hasbro’s robust ethical souring requirements. Finally, Hasbro is deeply committed to advancing female factory workers and has two programs in place across its supply chain to help them succeed both within the workplace and in their daily lives.

August 21, 2018:  Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch: Follow-up Investigative Report on Early Light (dated August 21, 2018)

Ethical Sourcing is a top priority at Hasbro and we are dedicated to ensuring that every worker in our supply chain is working in a healthy and safe environment and is treated with dignity and respect. On August 21, 2018, New York-based NGO, China Labor Watch (CLW), released a report alleging poor labor practices at Shaoguan Early Light. Once we became aware of the report, we immediately conducted a robust, multi-day investigation. The results of the investigation confirmed that the majority of the CLW allegations could not be substantiated. However, we recognize that social compliance is a continuous improvement process and, as with all Hasbro factories, we engage extensively with factory management and require all factories undergo regular and continuous training and education. Hasbro’s commitment to Ethical Sourcing remains paramount.

August 18, 2018:  Hasbro’s Response to U.S. Public Research Interest Group (PIRG) Report: Safe Shopping Guide for Back-to-School Supplies (dated August 7, 2018)

Product safety is a top priority at Hasbro, and our rigorous and stringent quality assurance and safety standards apply to all Hasbro products, including licensed products. We work closely with our licensees to ensure they understand and comply with Hasbro’s stringent product safety requirements. This particular product was produced by Leap Year, a licensee, and sold at Dollar Tree. Both Leap Year and Dollar Tree tested these products and found no traces of asbestos. Additionally, as soon as Hasbro learned of the allegations, Hasbro initiated its own independent investigation, including sending the crayons to an independent, third party laboratory accredited by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and these independent testing results confirmed there was no detectable asbestos in the product. Hasbro has concluded that the allegations are without merit.

November 15, 2016:  Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch Report: An Investigation into Four Toy Sweatshops (dated November 15, 2016)

On November 15, 2016, Kathrin Belliveau, Hasbro Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility, engaged directly with China Labor Watch (see Hasbro email to CLW)

September 13, 2016:  Hasbro’s Response to Settlement: New York Attorney General Announces Results Of “Operation Child Tracker"

At Hasbro, we are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of our audiences and delivering a safe and enjoyable experience online, and thus applaud the New York Attorney General’s prosecution of TRUSTe. Hasbro ended its relationship with TRUSTe in 2014. Hasbro was the only company not fined in the 2016 settlement because of our use of an FTC-approved safe harbor program.

December 9, 2015:  Hasbro’s Response to Institute for Global Labour and Human Right Report: Dirty Toys Made in China (dated November 30, 2015)

Hasbro is committed to corporate social responsibility and conducting its business in accordance with high ethical and business standards. We know that when consumers choose Hasbro toys and games, it’s an act of trust that our products are manufactured safely, under fair labor conditions, and without ethical compromises. Hasbro combines industry best practices, strategic partnerships, and strict auditing standards to respect the safety, well-being, and dignity of workers, and works continuously to ensure compliance with all third-party manufacturing facilities. We utilize the ICTI CARE process as well as our own rigorous ethical sourcing practices to ensure that employees at all third-party facilities have a healthy and safe working environment.

We are aware of the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights (IGLHR) report “Dirty Toys Made in China,” dated December 2015. We take all allegations regarding our ethical sourcing program very seriously and promptly investigated the IGLHR report. We performed an unannounced factory inspection on December 14, 2015 and confirmed that no Hasbro product was being produced in this facility. While Zhenyang Wanju had been a third-party supplier to Hasbro in the past, they have not supplied Hasbro products since 2014.

At Hasbro, we appreciate IGLHR’s and other organizations’ sharing information about toy factory conditions and welcome the opportunity to work together toward the shared goal of ensuring human rights are being upheld throughout our supply chain.

For more about Hasbro’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and ethical sourcing practices please visit

November 23, 2015:  Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch Report: The Other Side of Fairy Tales (dated November 20, 2015)

We are aware of the China Labor Watch report and take their allegations very seriously. We require all Hasbro products to be manufactured in accordance with rigorous ethical standards, and that all third-party facilities ensure employees have a healthy and safe working environment. Hasbro combines industry best practices, strategic partnerships, and strict auditing standards to respect the safety, well-being, and dignity of workers, and works continuously to ensure compliance with all third-party facilities. We are working closely with the ICTI CARE Foundation, which is conducting a thorough investigation at the five factories covered in the China Labor Watch report.

January 2016: ICTI CARE Foundation conducted an investigation into the allegations and published their findings.

August 19, 2015:  Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch Report: Follow-up Investigation of Worker Strike at Jingyu Toy Products (dated July 21, 2015)

ICTI CARE Foundation conducted an investigation into the allegations and published their findings.

November 18, 2014:  Hasbro’s Response to China Labor Watch Report: Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Optimus Prime, Thomas the Tank Engine: Who Else Continues to Exploit Toy Workers? (dated November 18, 2014)

Hasbro is committed to ethical sourcing and takes these allegations seriously. We are currently working with ICTI to investigate and address.

December 22, 2011:  Hasbro’s Response to Institute for Global Labour and Human Right Report: Holidays by Hasbro, Transformers from Hell (dated December 19, 2011)

Immediately following some unsubstantiated allegations posted by an outside group regarding working conditions at the Jet Fair factory, Hasbro, together with ICTI, deployed a team to investigate, as we take such claims very seriously. Following an unannounced, nine-hour inspection of the facility this past week, we are satisfied that Jet Fair meets with Hasbro's rigorous requirements.

While Hasbro is committed to continual improvement in all facets of corporate social responsibility, including continued ethical product manufacturing at Jet Fair and all factories that produce Hasbro products, the inflammatory allegations made by the NGO in their report were unsubstantiated by our investigation. As a matter of course, Hasbro will continue to monitor conditions at Jet Fair and all of our factories.

The Company has a strong track record and has had long-standing policies and processes in place for years to help ensure good working conditions, including health and safety, at factories making our products. We strive to conduct business throughout our supply chain in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we utilize not only ICTI – but also our own on-the-ground workforce– to monitor social compliance.

For more information about Hasbro's comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including more detail regarding Hasbro's policies and practices related to ethical product manufacturing, please visit


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