Environmental Sustainability

Products and the Environment

Sourcing Sustainably

At least 90 percent of paper and board packaging used by Hasbro has come from recycled material or from sources that practice sustainable forest management.


In 2010, we eliminated the use of wire ties in packaging, making our packages easier to open. This change also saved approximately 34,000 miles of wire in the first year–more than enough to circle the Earth. We have also eliminated the plastic bags that toy and game instructions had been wrapped in, removing 800,000 pounds of material worldwide from our waste stream annually.

As members of the Australia Packaging Covenant, a voluntary government and industry initiative working to reduce the environmental effects of packaging, we publicly report against eight performance indicators, including the implementation of sustainability guidelines for packaging design and procurement, increasing recycled content of packaging, and on-site packaging recovery and recycling efforts.

Reducing Packaging

Hasbro’s Packaging Engineering team makes sustainability a priority. For example, we introduced new packaging for our NERF Weather Blitz football that reduced the corrugated packaging weight for this product by 34 percent. The images above illustrate this transformation with the older packaging on the left, and the new packaging that replaced it on the right.