Environmental Sustainability

Products and the Environment

As a large global manufacturer, we can help influence our supply chain to incorporate environmental best practices. In 2011, Hasbro issued a Paper and Forest Procurement Policy, which ensures that the way we buy wood fiber-based materials aligns with our commitment to sustainable forest management. The policy also requires vendors to show us credible third-party certification that their raw materials are from sustainably managed forests and commits Hasbro to avoid using fiber from controversial sources. For example, we prohibit the use of mixed tropical hardwood virgin fiber in our products and packaging. We utilize a third-party testing lab, Integrated Paper Services, Inc., to regularly test paper used in our product packaging to ensure it meets this stringent policy. Ongoing fiber testing indicates that our suppliers are adhering to the policy.

We also expect suppliers to source paper with as much post-consumer recycled content as is practical and financially viable. We have communicated this to our suppliers and monitor their compliance in our company-wide quality assurance procedures.

In 2015, we achieved our goal to derive 90% of paper packaging and inbox content from recycled material, or from sources that practice sustainable forest management.